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3 Month Trading Classes 

A DAY in the CLASS 120+ Hours for all 3 months!

The class is a in depth live trading sessions every day with Mike and the Team

 subject class at the end of every trading day. Every student receives our MAGIC ELITE which is our live streaming trading! It’s starts at 9amEST with my morning routine of setting up for the opening bell then goes right into watching the markets open to working those pre planned or intra day trades on alerts!

I’ll be posting alerts out as well with each trade and when I exited!

Everyone will be talking over voice chat while they see my screen for scanning new plays and how I setup my tools to find the trades that work for our trading style and how to quickly do DD to see if it’s a good trade live.

The monthly Breakdown

Our training course is setup on a 3 month course I do every 3 months! It gets booked up fast as I only do 25 students at a time so I can give all the students the best for there sessions!

  • -Month 1

Involves covering all the basics for beginners on how to setup a day trading brokerage account under 25k, how to buy and sell orders along with helping each student learn how to handle plays that have been bagged for so long etc. the first month is the most difficult as it’s structured to help break bad habits new traders create, and give them the tools understand proper trade planning. And working with students to learn how to fight the emotions involved with trading! The gift of a trader mindset! Establishing that foundation to be able to be consistent with each trade. The elements of buying and selling for portfolio growth consistently!

  • -Month 2

Involves covering all the technicals of trading charts! This is the fun month for many as we cover every strategy on the markets to be able to understand charts, technical breakouts, chart patterns, trend lines and indicators. Support and resistance lines to get those perfect entry’s and exits! This is where the curve of many traders begin to use the elements they learn to establish in the first month to take to the field on that second month! Technicals have so much to do with reading trades so it’s a must to understand properly!

  • -Month 3

Covers everything to do with the fundamentals of the stock markets! News catalyst, filings. Social media manipulation, reverse splits, ipo’s , mergers etc. this is the final month that ties everything together so you can fully understand how different catalyst can throw technicals on a chart completely out of wack! Without understanding fundamentals it makes things very difficult when to get in or when to get out in the case of certain catalyst no matter the technical setups! With all these huge key factors the class is implemented to structure traders to be self sufficient. To create there own watch list and to reap the benefits of what this market has to offer. No matter if where in a bear or bull market, everyday is a great day!


We cover all the ins and outs of Options/ big boards and Futures trading! Including long and short trading!

Every class is recorded along with a PDF version of the courses in your own user log in library to have access for life!

Classes are designed for people with full time jobs so there done live every evening from 5PM EST

 Each class is done Sunday night to Thursday night. A total of 5 lessons with reviews, to make sure everyone is able to follow along! 

The classes range from 1-2 hours long! We know each member has a different learning curve so I try covering all the details as best as possible with a live Q&A after every class! please be prepared for note taking! This is a serious venture and I treat trading as if it’s a Business model. Trading isn’t easy so take lots of determination and learning to achieve this properly! Killing bad habits as soon as possible! To help shorten the learning curve! Every student who completes the full 3 months gets included in the following 3 month classes as well for FREE To help for some if they feel it would be beneficial for them to go through it again!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

This Class semester runs every 3 months and Spaces are limited to a maximum of 25​ per semester.

 Grab your spot today as these Fill up quick.

Current Booking Classes For

May 2 2021- July29th

Classes are Monday-Thursday nights at 5pmEST

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