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Watchlist Alerts! 


$U solid setup here building higher!

Break of $135.44 I like for the $135 calls 9/17

Looking for the target at $147 gap fill eventually after $140 gets tested first!


$TSLA low volume trading turd most the time lately, but see how we test and break $741 next! play close to the money $745 calls 9/10


$PLTR on trend to see double top here!

Ill play the $27 calls 9/10 on break of $26.76 targeting $27.37 first! $30+ can come once that breaks!


$NIO looking good here at gap fill! New entry break is $41 area

ill play some $41 calls 9/10 on entry! with targets to the upper trend at $43.87


$NFLX break area is $593, give this time to test the trend for a reset!

Think will see in the $600's this week! ill play the $600 calls 9/17 with this move! Could be choppy up here!


$MSFT in a channel here looks great! Timing this entry will be the fun ride here! Allow trend to test then bounce! Break over $305 will be the run. ill play the $305 calls 9/17.


$MILE Alerted by JSB last week looks awesome here!

Reversal in motion looking for gap to fill at $6.70 next!

Ill keep holding the $5 calls 9/17 and 10/15 here!


$FUBO setting up on the weekly! chart.

Early entry break is $30.42 with confirmation at $30.92

Targeting Gap fill then Double top! ill play the $30.5 calls 9/17 on break!


$CCJ huge 5 day runup Last week has this breaking previous highs of $21.81. a build over that im looking for entry break $21.81 for the $22 calls 9/10-9/17 with targets to $24+


$AAPL trade idea:

Playing $155 calls 9/10 on break of $155. Targets are marked to $159+

Set for a nice breakout this week!


Watching Others! 


$DOCU entry break is $314.71