Technical Analysis  Master Class

Limit (15 Students per Class)

This Class Is for the Basic Trader looking to learn how to master the markets on a Consistence Basis and ADVANCE in Technical Analysis!  Are you tired of plugging into the market every day only to end up with another loosing day? Over my trading career, I've established, what it takes to understand the entirety of the Charts, Candlesticks etc. Indicators are helpful, but are not fool proof!  This class involves covering all the technical's of trading charts! We cover every strategy on the markets to be able to understand charts, technical breakouts, chart patterns, trend lines and indicators. Support and resistance lines to get those perfect entry’s and exits! This is where the curve of many traders begin to use the elements they learn to establish in from the Basic trading, to take to the field on that Next Level of Technical Analysis. 

All The Elements this Class will Cover

  • We cover All Chart Patterns! (Bull Flags, Bear Flags, Pendants, Cup and Handle, triangles, wedges, Bottoms and Tops, head and shoulders, Diamonds, scallops and many more!
  • All patterns dictate a strategy so we cover each strategy in  detail, how to spot the patterns, how to enter the patterns and how to exit the patterns along with essential Stop losses etc.
  • To fully understand Technical Analysis we cover how to draw your Charts, to understand the future projection of the Trade! When you can narrow down your odds of understanding, you can make a lot of money on the Consistency of speculating a Chart properly to the fullest.
We will be covering all the most demanded and popular indicators for those who like to trade with (VWAP RSI MACD EMA and SMA and a Few others)


  • All Classes are Live streamed at 8-pm EST Sunday-Thursday Night. And will Be RECORDED and posted to your private library with a PDF downloadable Version of the Class 
  • Every Class Member gets included in our  MAGIC ELITE Live Stream Trading (Live Chatroom​) with a 1 month  FREE ($125 Value Free)
  • Members will be participating through out the day  trading Live with me on there time, to put there understanding and Skills to the test in live Markets
  • All Benefits you can master to take to the Field and use with OPTIONS / Big boards/ OTC Pink markets!  

Want to take our 3 month Course For beginners to advancement Check out our 3 month Class for details here! 

3 Month Classes