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LIVE Daily Trade alerts

Private Twitter

Sign up for our Private twitter 
where all plays get alerted 
and you guys get to play along as you like, 
while you do your Day job etc! 
Without the need to have to join our live stream and miss a beat on plays! 

Options plays with Entry and exit strategies!

In depth Chart analysis with each support and resistance levels marked!

Easy to follow along alerts!
You also get access to our private Discord chat as well and interreact with other members throughout the day! 

Trade Alert packages

Live Trade Alerts


Per Month until canceled

Best package for the part time trader! 

Alerted Entry's for OPTIONS setups

And Targets to play for Exits

SMS TEXT Alerts 

Private DISCORD Room with other like minded traders

Giving freedom for users to comment back if needed on questions 

In Depth Daily watchlist Alerts of each play with Breakout levels and price targets!

Access to the Discord Chatroom to interact with 1500+ members

Premium AI Bot signals by tradytics.

($200 Mo value) Included in discord


Daily Pre market watchlist! 

Private Twitter

Hit the Bell after following to get notified!

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